Borealis/Alquis in PPA agreement for renewable electricity in Finland

Borealis/Alquis in PPA agreement for renewable electricity in Finland

Austrian polyolefins supplier Borealis has entered into a long-term PPA with Alpiq, a Swiss energy services provider and electricity producer in Europe, to source renewable electricity from the Finnish wind farm Merkkikallio, owned by Renewable Power Capital.

As of beginning of 2024, Alpiq will supply around 90 gigawatt hours/year (GWh) of renewable energy to power Borealis’ production facilities in Porvoo, Finland, over the course of nine years. This significant partnership takes both Borealis and Alpiq closer to achieving their climate neutrality goals.

With the long-term PPA now in place, both companies say they are taking a substantial stride forward in the transition to cleaner energy. The new PPA between Borealis and Alpiq is also making a substantial contribution to the Finnish chemical sector’s aspirations to attain carbon neutrality by 2045.

Borealis adds it continues to advance toward its goal of securing 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources for its Polyolefins and Base Chemicals divisions by boosting the proportion of renewable power used in its Finnish production facilities.

Furthermore, through the PPA with Alpiq, the renewable electricity produced will lead to an estimated reduction of around 45,600 tonnes of Scope 2 emissions (CO2 emissions resulting from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the company) annually, or a reduction of 410 kilotonnes Scope 2 emissions over the course of the nine-year PPA at Borealis’ operations in Porvoo.

“With the signing of this agreement, Borealis takes a significant step toward realising its ambitious Energy & Climate goals, demonstrating its commitment to advancing the energy transition. This partnership holds special significance, as it propels Borealis beyond the pivotal threshold of sourcing over 50% of our electricity from renewable sources for our operations in Porvoo,” states Wolfram Krenn, Borealis Executive Vice President Base Chemicals & Operations.