Borealis/Burgenland Energie tie-up for wind/solar power in Austria

Borealis/Burgenland Energie tie-up for wind/solar power in Austria

Austrian polyolefins supplier Borealis and wind and solar power producer Burgenland Energie have partnered up and signed their first power purchase agreement (PPA) recently.

Under the ten-year agreement, renewable electricity will be provided by a hybrid renewable energy park located in Nickelsdorf, Austria, which is owned by Burgenland Energie’s subsidiaries Nick Alpha and Wind PV Operation. Burgenland Energie will begin supplying about 70 GWh per year of wind and solar energy to Borealis facilities in Schwechat, Austria, as of January 2026. This significant contribution equates to powering approximately 15,855 households annually, marking a substantial stride towards sustainable energy practices.

With the signing of this PPA, Burgenland Energie is proving its status as both a wind power pioneer and the largest producer of wind energy in Austria. At the same time, the company is advancing as a leader in solar energy by constructing wind and solar hybrid parks throughout the country. This aligns with the company’s ambitious vision to transform Burgenland into one of the world’s first climate-neutral and energy-independent regions through renewable sources. In doing so, Burgenland Energie aims to support Austria’s goal of achieving 100% renewable energy in its electricity system. Through this long-term partnership, Burgenland Energie solidifies its position as a provider of green tech solutions for companies seeking to decarbonise their operations.

Additionally, Borealis is securing 55% renewable electricity for its operations in Austria and, thus, making headway towards its goal of sourcing 100% of electricity for its Polyolefins and Base Chemicals business units from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

The newly established PPA is expected to lead to a significant reduction of approximately 7,300 tonnes/year of Scope 2 emissions (indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the purchase or acquisition of electricity, steam, heat, and cooling). Over the ten-year PPA period, this equals a decrease of 73,000 tonnes in Scope 2 emissions, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We are extremely proud to announce the signing of this significant hybrid Power Purchase Agreement with Burgenland Energie. We, thereby, take another step towards our goal of sourcing all electricity for our operations from renewable sources by the end of 2030. This new partnership exemplifies our dedication to spearheading the energy transition as well as our commitment to our purpose of re-inventing essentials for sustainable living,” says Thomas Gangl, Borealis CEO.

“When discussing climate change and the steps we’re taking to combat it, it’s crucial to recognise that individuals and companies play pivotal roles in achieving our goals. The partnership between Borealis and Burgenland Energie exemplifies how collective efforts can drive significant change, demonstrating that preserving our planet while maintaining high levels of innovation and technology is indeed achievable. By harnessing wind and solar energy from Burgenland from our wind-solar-agriculture hybrid park, we power Borealis, a perfect synergy for the challenges we face. I take pride in our proactive approach to making a difference,” adds Stephan Sharma, Burgenland Energie CEO.