Gas South pursues solar goals by 2023; to invest US$50 mn


Since 2020, Gas South has been engaged in solar energy projects, starting with the development of a utility-level solar farm in partnership with parent company Cobb EMC. The 6,000-sq ft solar project showcases rooftop solar panels producing 1.85 MW of solar energy and battery storage producing 1 MW/4 MWh of solar energy. It also features a solar garden with three 18-ft tall Smartflowers, producing 13,400 kWh of solar energy. The total solar energy produced can power 200 houses, according to the company.

The Georgia-based company has also invested in community solar projects with national solar energy firm, Sol Systems. Through this partnership, Gas South has invested US$12 million in eight residential community solar projects, providing energy to more than 2,600 homes.

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