JDR secures umbilical contract with Dutch Petrogas

JDR secures umbilical contract with Dutch Petrogas

UK-based subsea cable supplier and servicer JDR, which is owned by the TFKable Group, says it has been awarded a contract by Petrogas E&P Netherlands to supply two umbilicals for the A15 and B10 offshore conventional gas fields in the Netherlands.

The fields are located in quads A & B, in a shallow water depth of 115 ft and are expected to recover 17.25 Mmboe, comprised of 103.5 bcf of natural gas reserves. As Europe strives to meet high gas demand, the production from this project will support in meeting supply targets.

JDR will engineer, design and manufacture two subsea umbilicals, that range from 10-13 km in length, to provide vital power to two new platforms located at the A/B shallow gas field. The umbilicals incorporate hydraulic hoses, chemical injection hoses, electrical cables and fibre optic cables that enable communication between the platform facilities. JDR will also deliver topside umbilical termination unit pull-in heads, hang-off bodies and umbilical termination assemblies for the project.

Rory Graham, Senior Sales Manager at JDR said: “We’re delighted to be selected by Petrogas for this critical project at a time when energy security couldn’t be more important in Europe. The demand for natural gas is high and we’re here to support our customers in ensuring production is maintained while oil and gas remains a vital part of the energy mix, and as the industry journeys through the energy transition. We’ll manufacture all the cables at our facilities here in the UK and our technical team of experts will be fundamental in ensuring we meet the swift turnaround time.”

JDR will manufacture the umbilical, topside terminations, and additional subsea equipment at its state-of-the-art Hartlepool facility, with the hydraulic hoses and LV cables being manufactured in JDR’s Littleport facility. When complete, the umbilicals will be attached onto 9.2m delivery reels in Hartlepool and loaded onto an installation vessel to be taken offshore. The full scope of work will be delivered by the beginning of July 2023.

ick Dancer, General Manager from Petrogas E&P Netherlands added: “This is a valuable project to us and one we’ve been committed to for quite some time, so it was important for us to choose the right partner. JDR’s technical consultation and ability to make our short project deadline was a leading factor in our decision. We’re looking forward to working with JDR and contributing additional domestic gas to support Europe during the current energy crisis.”

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