Media Kit 2024

Online since 2014, Energy, Oil & Gas (EOG) Asia, is a leading online source of industry-specific news and information, which covers key development updates (discoveries, exploration & drilling, deepwater & subsea production, etc.) Media Kit 2022. BECOMING a part of the growing energy, oil & gas industry and cutting through the increasingly competitive markets takes carefully planned strategies to achieve targets. EOG-Asia has advertising solutions that we believe are parallel to your company objectives of increasing brand awareness and generating quality leads for your company’s products and services. Online ad spots We offer several online ad options to suit your requirement for online visibility. As a value-added feature, we include your ads in our regular e-newsletter sent out to our online mailing subscribers. Sponsored e-bulletins If advertorials and company write-ups fit your requirement, this advertising option is recommended for you. E-bulletins contain tailored news capsules, and are sent to our database subscribers via email based on your preferred schedule/frequency and basic customer profile (e.g., by country, by region, or by sector group) E-broadcast on Demand We also offer e-broadcast services to help you reach your specific consumer base at affordable cost; ideal for events announcements, new products and services launches, membership growth, trainings and conferences updates and highlights, e-Broadcasts are delivered direct to your potential client’s inbox. EOG Asia Facebook Media Kit 2023

Media Kit 2024 | Online since 2014, Energy, Oil & Gas (EOG) Asia