China’s natural gas consumption to rise 10% to 230 bn cu m in 2017

Natural gas consumption in China is expected to grow 10% year-on-year and reach 230 billion cubic meters in 2017after signs of slowing over the past two years, a report said.

In the first half year, the apparent consumption of natural gas totaled 114.6 billion cubic meters, up 15.2% year on year, according to figures released by the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner.

China’s efforts on pollution control, market reform and steady economic growth as well as improved energy consumption structure contributed to the growth, according to the report.

The report was jointly released by the National Energy Administration, Development Research Center of the State Council and Ministry of Land and Resources.

China has been promoting efficient, large-scale use of natural gas in industrial fuel, gas-fired power and transport sectors.

Natural gas consumption will be boosted to around 10% of the China’s energy mix by 2020 and 15% by 2030, the NDRC said.

In 2015, China’s natural gas consumption was 191 billion cubic meters, up only 5.7% on year — a 10-year low. Last year saw a 6.6% annual growth in gas consumption.

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