Gazprom expands into Asia; boosts European position

Gazprom expands into Asia; boosts European position

Gazprom, a Russia-headquartered energy company and the largest gas supplier to Europe is further boosting its Asian presence. In December, the company started delivering pipeline gas to China; and LNG from the Gazprom portfolio is being supplied to the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere.

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Gazprom stated that it aims to maintain and strengthen its position in the European market, as well as at scaling up its presence in Asia-Pacific and across the globe.

Gazpromā€™s edge it said is on having a vast resource base sufficient for providing reliable gas supplies to the domestic and foreign markets ; a well-developed gas transmission system in Russia and a robust network of export routes; its own Electronic Trading Platform and e-trading capabilities; and strong partnerships with international energy companies. Moreover, it is looking into the possibility of implementing hydrogen energy projects, including technologies related to the production of hydrogen from natural gas without CO2 emissions.

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