Nynas celebrates 30 years in Germany, introduces new product line Nybase

Nynas, the leading supplier of naphthenic oils in Germany, celebrates its 30th year in the country.

“Our success is a result of the time and resources we have invested in the German market and building relationships with our customers,” says Dr. Ingo Nösler, Area General Manager, Europe Central. “We have native German-speaking people in place to offer personalised service, and on top of this we have invested in a base oil refinery in Hamburg, in order to secure our long-term supply.”

The first Nynas refinery was built in Sweden by founder Charles Almquist. In 1985, the company built Nynas GmbH in Hamburg, its first refinery outside Swedish soil. After 30 years Nynas GmbH is firmly planted in Germany and accounts for 10% of global sales of Nynas as a whole.

“Over the years, we have shown that we are ready to take care of our customers problems, not just today but also in the future,” adds Dr. Nösler. “We are well-established in the German market having operated here for 30 years, and we’ll still be here for at least another 30 years.”

As a testament to taking care of customer’s problems, Nynas has created Nybase, a line of oil bases that mimic the characteristics of Group 1 oil.

Four Group 1 oil refineries are either downsizing or closing down in Europe this year. Manufacturers are weary as oil shortage may lead to reformulating their products.

“Reformulation is a very expensive and time consuming process. It will not be an affordable alternative, especially for many smaller producers,” explains Valentina Serra-Holm, Marketing Director Naphthenics.

Six new base oils namely Nybase 70, 100, 150, 300, 500, 600 are poised to meet the need for Group 1 oils in different applications like: plasticisers for the rubber and tyre industry, mould release agents, mineral-oil-based drilling mud, additives for the lubricant industry, carrier oil for anti-foam additives, metalworking fluids, industrial greases and lubricants, the leather industry, printing inks, anti-caking solutions for fertilisers, agricultural protective spray oils and explosives.

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