Solar-diesel hybrid systems are on the rise in new markets

Traditional diesel generators are often being complemented by photovoltaics in new markets. Solar-diesel hybrid systems already represent profitable alternatives, particularly for large-scale industrial users in remote, sunny regions.

From June 9–12, 2015, the Off-Grid Platform at Intersolar Europe in Munich (Germany) presents an overview of applications and markets for off-grid photovoltaics.

In remote regions, photovoltaic-diesel hybrid systems are increasingly replacing power generation solely from fossil fuels. Despite sinking oil prices, worldwide demand for solar power is rising. The reason for this is that PV modules are now 75% less expensive than they were six years ago. Reports from the International Renewable Energy Agency indicate that, in many regions, PV electricity can now be produced at the same price as electricity from fossil fuels or lower.

World’s largest PV-diesel hybrid power plant with a lithium-ion battery system under construction in Bolivia
Photovoltaic-diesel hybrid systems therefore have the potential to replace conventional diesel generators, particularly in remote areas. In Bolivia, for instance, the world’s largest PV-diesel hybrid power plant with a lithium-ion battery system is currently under construction, while the German army has opted for mobile solar containers with PV modules and battery storage systems in order to save fossil fuels.

Off-Grid Platform at Intersolar Europe

Exhibitors at Intersolar Europe 2015 will showcase the entire spectrum of new off-grid technologies, from solar home systems through hybrid plants to energy management systems and storage solutions for local power grids. The exhibition also focuses attention on the growing market for off-grid PV and hybrid systems by giving them a stage of their own.
The new Off-Grid Platform includes the BSW Off-Grid Power Forum at the BSW-Solar pavilion. The OTTI conference entitled “Small PV Applications – Rural Electrification and Commercial Use” also forms part of the Off-Grid Platform, and will be held prior to the exhibition at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München – on June 9 and 10. –

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