AG&P’s unique scalable LNG supply chain model will unlock gas-to-power market opportunities in developing gas economies

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), the Philippines-based company at the forefront of developing pragmatic, end-to-end LNG delivery solutions, says demand aggregation is the key to growing and unlocking the market for gas.

“The power sector continues to be the key driver for growing global gas demand. However, liquid-fuelled power plants are typically too small to be viably served on a standalone basis. Leveraging AG&P’s innovative, standardized LNG supply chain solutions, AG&P aggregates downstream demand to achieve minimum throughput required to unlock gas-to-power markets,” said Mr. Karthik Sathyamoorthy, Senior Vice President, LNG Marketing, AG&P.

AG&P singularly provides a fully integrated solution from LNG sourcing to last-mile delivery, thus simplifying and making commercially compelling the decision to switch energy sources for its customers. AG&P’s business model is unique by bringing under one platform LNG design/engineering, innovative technology, manufacturing, project management, local marketing and operations. Through its terminal gateways, AG&P delivers LNG/natural gas to its customers.

“Most liquid fuelled power plants are remotely located and cut-off from the main grid. Leveraging our standardized designs and modular approach to building terminals developed in AG&P’s Houston, Texas Engineering Center, AG&P not only eliminates expensive, bespoke engineering costs, but significantly reduces construction time. We offer speed of development, access to new and diverse gas supply options, cost-efficiency, increasing price competitiveness and flexibility to support the expansion of renewables in the power mix,” said Mr. Abhilesh Gupta, AG&P’s Global Chief Financial Officer & Commercial Head.

AG&P is currently actively developing integrated LNG-fired gas-to-power opportunities across South Asia, the Americas and Africa.

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