OQ/Shell introduce bio-TCD alcohol DM

OQ Chemicals

In response to growing market preferences for environmentally friendly alternatives, the global chemical company OQ Chemicals is ready to supply ISCC Plus certified Oxbalance TCD alcohol DM (tricyclodecane dimethanol). This product is manufactured using the bio-circular precursor DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) from Shell Chemicals Europe, which is also ISCC Plus certified. The strategic collaboration between the two companies will ensure a reliable supply of bio-circular DCPD to support OQ Chemicals’ production.

TCD Alcohol DM serves as a versatile component in the production of high-performance technical polymers, paints and coatings, and adhesives used across sectors such as food packaging, electronics, and automotive. It is valued for its ability to enhance the properties of the final product, including improved durability, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. The bio-based Oxbalance TCD alcohol DM serves as a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to its fully synthetic counterpart.

“OQ Chemicals’ new Oxbalance offering aligns with changing market preferences as customers increasingly seek out more sustainable alternatives without compromising quality or performance. Our partnership with Shell Chemicals Europe ensures a consistent supply of high-quality bio-circular DCPD for our production. With Oxbalance TCD Alcohol DM, we’ve added another product to our portfolio that supports our customers on their path towards more sustainability,” said Kyle Hendrix, Executive Vice President Marketing at OQ Chemicals.

“Our collaboration with OQ Chemicals to deliver ISCC PLUS-certified bio-circular DCPD that is based on a mass balance approach is another example of how Shell Chemicals works with customers to develop solutions to meet their objectives,” said Liz Allen, Director, Shell Chemicals Europe. “It’s also an example of how Shell is committed to delivering premium quality sustainable solutions to support a circular economy.”

OxBalance is a registered trademark of OQ Chemicals. The mass balance method allocates renewable feedstock in manufacturing. ISCC PLUS certification by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification organization confirms environmentally responsible sourcing and strict sustainability compliance.