AG&P seeks to boost LNG supply chain in Asia

Philippine-based company Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. (AG&P) is looking to boost its t liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain in Asia’s fast-growing gas markets, including India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in South Asia and Indonesia and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

Newly-appointed AG&P Global Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Head Abhilesh Gupta said the company aims to expand the LNG delivery sector “by developing end-to-end solutions across the entire LNG value chain.”

“This starts with building and operating more and smaller LNG import terminals and the associated onshore and floating supply chain infrastructure, to provide access to LNG for an enormous number of off-grid, energy-hungry end-users that are currently without access to a reliable supply of gas,” he said.

“This will lay the foundations for a viable LNG supply network connecting hundreds of smaller end-users through milk-run, shuttle vessels that potentially allow doorstep delivery of gas on regular routes,” he explained.

He said AG&P’s streamlined solution reduces costs and is faster to implement than current business models that require building very large-scale operations with guaranteed large off-takers secured with long-term contracts.

In India, AG&P has inked an exclusive accord with Konaseema Power, a private power plant owner, to develop an integrated LNG supply and gas distribution solution in order to serve three idle power facilities which are located in the East Godavari region in Andhra Pradesh, a state in Southern India.

Under the agreement, the company will design and build all the required facilities for the import terminal such as a floating storage and mooring system, regasification terminal, related utilities and the provision of gas to power plants and other users.

The deal also entails carrying out the needed “conversion works, and upon, commissioning, ongoing operations and maintenance activities.”

AG&P is an industrial process outsourcing firm which has been in the industry for 117 years.

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