Lummus, Chevron Lummus awarded Pertamina/Rosneft project in Indonesia

Lummus, Chevron Lummus awarded Pertamina/Rosneft project in Indonesia

Lummus Technology and Chevron Lummus Global (CLG) have announced multiple technology contracts with PT Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan dan Petrokimia (PRPP), a joint venture between Indonesia’s PT Pertamina (Persero) and Russia’s Rosneft Oil Company for a grassroots refinery and petrochemical complex in Tuban, Indonesia.

“This award is an excellent example of Lummus’ distinct ability to provide integrated, multi-technology solutions, which is a major benefit for large operators in Southeast Asia,” said Leon de Bruyn, President/CEO of Lummus Technology. “By selecting our best in class technologies, PRPP will minimise its risk of implementation for this project and achieve competitive process economics in the future.”

“The CLG and Lummus technologies we are licensing will lead to reliable and profitable operations for PRPP’s grassroots complex in Indonesia,” said Ujjal Mukherjee, Managing Director of CLG. “Our residue desulphurisation technology will help optimise their product quality, product yield, run-length, capital investment and operating cost.”

Lummus will provide the license and basic engineering for the following technologies: ethylene technology, including Pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation, C4 total hydrogenation and BASF SELOP selective hydrogenation technology; ethylbenzene/styrene technology; and CDMtbe technology. CLG will provide the license and basic engineering for its residue desulphurisation technology.

Once complete, the olefins complex will be largest liquefied petroleum gas steam cracker in the world and highly integrated with the refinery to maximise propylene.

As part of the license agreement, Lummus Technology will offer its Short Residence Time (SRT) heaters, a proprietary technology ideally suited to achieve maximum yields, at a later stage of the project. CLG will also later be providing ISOMIX-e proprietary reactor internals to optimize its state-of-the-art catalyst system for higher yields and longer run lengths.

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