China, Russia expand energy cooperation

China and Russia have formally agreed to expand the energy cooperation between the two countries during the 14th annual China-Russia Energy Cooperation Committee summit.

China was represented by Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli, while Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich represented Russia.

The collaboration has achieved “outstanding results,” and the agreement will inject more impetus towards China and Russia cooperation, said Zhang.

Russia is currently the top exporter to China for oil and energy, and the fifth for coal, the report said. China is also set to complete a Russian oil and gas pipeline from Moh at the Russian border to Daqing, a city in the Northeastern province of Heilongjiang.

An official from Xiamen University also said in an interview that energy cooperation between the two countries dates back to 1996 and closer ties between the two countries in the field is expected in future.

The meeting also saw both sides exchange views on natural gas and coal power, as well as agreeing to accelerate cooperation in the areas of energy equipment and strategic programs, the report added.

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